Space*Jam ( Global GameJam 2013 )

During Global GameJam we had 48 hours to make a game, we worked with an Eye-tracker device to enhance the game. We came in third place in a contest to make the best eye-tracker game.

Play in Browser

The Game is not made to be played in the browser but its a good way to just try the game. The UI is not working properly in the browser and dont forget to rightclick to get fullscreen.

Controlls - WASD moves the ship, QE to roll, Left mouse to shot lazers, Right mouse to lock on the missiles. The compass in the ship tells you where to go ( hint - go where the red pointy thing points to )


Programming - Tony Backman, Johan Rosén, Nicklas Blom

Music/Sound - Gustav Sverin

Graphics - Pontus Ullbors, Veronica Jensen, Johannes Jonsson, Fredrik Anmark