Magnetic - Nominee for Best Innovative Game 2013

This is a Unity game with 20 levels where you have to escape through different cubes filled with puzzles and traps. To your help you have a Magnet Gun that you can use to manipulate metallic objects. It is even so powerfull that it will effect your character depending on the objects you are using it on as a counter-effect.



Programming - Tony Backman, Joel Juvél, Nicklas Damgren, Frans Sjöblom

Graphics - Marcus Billborg, Louise Meijer, Johannes Jonsson, Victor Landström

Music - Sebastian Mårtensson, Philip Nordquist, Ida Sundberg

Sound - Samuel Lidström, Martin Isaksson

Design - Daniel Ström, Kristoffer Persson, Patric Lindbergh

Voice - Johan Bågenholm, Julia Sjöstrand

The game was later continued by Guru Games and was released on steam.

Magnetic: Cage Closed